VDO-PH International Announces new sales channels for VDOTel Voice/Video Telephone Services

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VDO-PH International Announces new sales channels for VDOTel Voice/Video Telephone Services

Las Vegas, Nevada—10/25/2012 – VDO-PH International, Inc. (VDPH.OB), delivering combined Voice and Video services under the brand name “VDOTel”, announces development of additional sales channels and enhanced business verticals.

Since its launch in March 2012, the VDOTel brand has grown considerably in targeted markets, despite challenges in television advertising due to the timing of the company’s advertising rollout coinciding with presidential candidacy advertising. The company has expanded its door-to-door, telemarketing, and retail marketing in the interim, and has been successful in these efforts.

When originally launched, the VDOTel service was targeted solely to small businesses, and now marketing has expanded to targeting all businesses. Additionally, after successful market tests, VDOTel has now commenced marketing its services to home users, and has developed several hardware and software bundles to deliver its services to both business and home users. While pricing for home services is somewhat lower than those designed for business use, the features remain mostly the same, with fewer concurrent voice and video channels for the home.

In August, the Company opened its first VDOTel retail location in the Galleria Mall in Henderson, Nevada. While providing a strong retail presence with demonstration capabilities, this pilot location has also provided the company with a broader sense of retail sales knowledge pertaining to its products. In the few short months since opening, this retail presence has increased sales dramatically, and has been instrumental in the development of additional in-store marketing and sales opportunities. The company is in late-stage talks with several large retailers to open smaller VDOTel displays in their stores, to support retail activation of its products and services.

In September, the company successfully demonstrated VDOTel services to governmental organizations in the emergency services sector, and is finalizing talks to begin piloting these programs in 2012. If these pilot programs prove successful, county or state-wide adoption could begin as early as the beginning of 2013.

VDOTel for home or business features affordable monthly service plans, each with no long-term contracts, and the service includes over 30 popular functions usually found only on more expensive business phone systems. When combined with VDOTel HD quality Video call conferencing, these services deliver multi-channel Voice/Video calls and Telepresence functionality with “group dialing” to make your daily conferences easy to connect.

To order VDOTel service for your home or business, or for more information about the company’s products, visit www.VDOTel.com.

About VDO-Ph International, Inc.

VDO-PH International, Inc. is a proprietary development company creating new business telephony applications that combine Audio and Video functionality, providing the user with multipoint-to-multipoint conference calling capabilities in addition to all the standard business telephone functions now in use, all in one place. For more information, please visit the company’s website at: www.vdo-ph.com

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