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VDO-PH International, Inc. (VDPH.OB) Announces its new “Designed for Business” VDOTel Voice/Video Telephony Service available now at

VDO-PH International (VDPH.OB) is currently bringing businesses online to one of the most inexpensive telephony services in existence in the USA.  The service is delivered under the brand name “VDOTel” and can be downloaded over the Internet at Suitable for use on sufficiently powered desktops, laptops, tablets, and all-in-one computers running Windows, and connected to high-speed broadband Internet service.

The VDOTel service is a major change in the delivery of business class telephone service, and is expected to revolutionize business communications similar to the way push button dialing did when it was developed in 1972. VDOTel enables the business consumer to actually eliminate their connectivity to a typical telephone service. Gone are the days of analog lines, back room punch down blocks, expensive on-site PBX systems, and local plus long distance fees. The VDOTel service includes Digital phone, Instant Messaging, and Conference calling anytime, via voice or video, without additional costs for “standalone” video conferencing solutions.

The VDOTel monthly service fee varies, with plans starting as low as 29.99 and includes over 30 popular functions found only on more expensive business phone systems, combined with HD quality Video call conferencing capability. The standard service includes 12 concurrent Voice/Video Channels and Telepresence features with “group dialing” to make that Monday morning sales conference easy to connect.

To order your own VDOTel business system, visit

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VDO-PH International (stock symbol VDPH) is a propriety software development company that develops and markets business based telephony software and services for users of computers running Windows and other popular mobile operating systems. More on the company can be found at

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