12/21/2011 - Launch of Digital Voice/HD Video Telephony Software

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VDO-PH International, Inc. (VDPH.OB) has completed and will be entering the telephony market worldwide in January 2012 with a complete Digital Voice/HD Video Telephony software.

The software will allow a business or household user the ability to download, to their computer, VDO-PH's software that will convert a user's computer into a fully functional business telephone.  This will allow the user to discard entirely their costly old standard telephone communication system.  No more hardware to buy, no punch block in the back room and no more cumbersome device using up space on your desktop.

In the beginning there were smoke signals, then the telegraph, telephone, fax, e-mail, texting and live chat that have all been part of the telephony world.

Now, VDO-PH International's proprietary software gives the user the ability to convert their current computer into a highly advanced telephone appliance that will provide digital quality voice and HD quality video communications in a format superior to any standard telephone systems currently available in today's market.  Not only will it provide advanced digital voice and full screen HD quality video communications but it will also provide all of the functions normally associated with a business or home telephone and provide all these functions by way of the user's current 11-digit worldwide telephone number system (your existing number will stay).  This includes, but is not limited to voice or video message saving and retrieval, call holding, transfer calls, multi-station auto attendant, endless contact directory, call record keeping, voice or video desk top conferencing up to 8 different locations at once, and mixed voice and video conference calling where everyone does not need video capability to participate in a conference call and Tele-Presence for live Webinars locally or internationally.

This advanced telephone system operates on a wireless 4G network or even a simple DSL connection.

How much will this advanced telephony "change over" cost a user???  Less than any advertised comparable communication bundle by any of the telephone or cable companies advertising today.  VDO-PH digital voice and HD quality video telephone system with all the bells and whistles starts at $29.95 per month and VDO-PH guarantees it's pricing for 36 months.

This price includes 1,000 no charge minutes in the continental United States for voice and worldwide video. Other packages will range from $39.95 to $49.95 monthly, providing unlimited voice communications in the continental US and free video worldwide communications.

About VDO-PH International, Inc.

VDO-PH International, Inc. is a proprietary software development company developing a new business telephony appliance that combines Audio and Video telephony functions, providing the user multipoint-to-multipoint conference calling capabilities in addition to all the standard business telephone functions now in use, all on one appliance.  For more information, please visit the company's website at: www.vdo-ph.com

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